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The Musical - Your Comments

Tue 5 - Sat 9 August 2008

Tue-Thu 7.30pm
Fri-Sat 5pm & 8.30pm

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21 people have left comments on Flashdance . If you've seen the show at The Mayflower, why not add your own?

Note from The Mayflower: The understudy Djalenga Scott played Alex Owens in this production, standing in at the last minute for Victoria Hamilton-Barritt who could not appear due to illness.

Nick and Jimmy were excellent. The blond spikey haired girl (supporting leading lady)was superb, what a professional, such enthusiasm. Pity about the leading lady, good actress, but this being a musical production, singing and dancing is required. Did Arlene Phillips actually meet with her at all! She doesn't appear to have progressed much since Pans People. The excellent ballet dancers did their best to salvage the choreography short-comings Having paid good money out to see the performance, I expected a higher level of professionalism than this. If you call a production Flash Dance, it should bear a passing resemblence to the original music. This did not. It failed, and to be fair I felt let down.
David Johnson

Took my 21 year old daughter for her birthday both thought it was absolutely brilliant, can remember the songs when the film first came out brought back memories, well done to all the cast.
Iyn Morley
Fair Oak

Saw the show with my family thought the show was okay,not outstanding.The whole story led upto the audition.When it arrived seemed a bit flat and show finished promptly afterwards definately could have gone on for another ten minutes or so with a montague of songs from the the audience were up for it. Thought Noel was outstanding,the best in the show, he is now a great actor{could see him playing the role of Billy Flynn in chicago}. The choreography of the dancing was superb thanks obviously to Arlene Phillips.Also My daughter zoe thought lee ellis and aaron renfree of the ensemble were great dancers.
Mike Southwell

The show was good but I felt that it didnt really follow the stroy line that well. Some things were completly weird. First half was ok but the second half was so much better.

Dance routines were somewhat haphazard and the storyline was fine if you had previously seen the film otherwise I'm not sure if it would have been all that understandable. Singing was very good, audience very enthusiastic, some beautiful bodies it has to be said, but overall it was entertaining although dancing a little disappointing.
Bursledon, Southampton

Where do I Begin, Fantastic Dance moves great original Songs, Stunning Women... I'm looking forward to see the Lead Star in up and coming Theater Shows... and if she is free it'd love to take her out for a meal please send on my contact details LOL Fantastic loved it !
Mr Dos Reis
Southampton, Bedford Place

I came to see Flashdance last night and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is one of the best stage shows I have ever been to. Congratulations to all involved. It was brilliant!
Lisa Evered

Overall the musical was good, however the story lacked something and there were no special effects. Perhaps choosing a leading lady so tall was a problem and i was disappointed with her audition dance, she was to tall to throw herself around the uncomplicated choreography. I think i was expecting more. Singing and acting were good.
Linda Palk
North Baddesley

Having seen the movie (quite a long time ago) and enjoyed it we weren't sure if the stage version would be as good. We needn't have worried the show was brilliant. Different of course; stage is a different medium from film, but brilliant, and the cast obviously enjoy themselves as much as the audience. That's what makes live theatre so special - the connection between cast and audience. We must particularly congratulate Djalenga Scott for her performance as Alex, she has taken her opportunity in both hands (and feet, and lovely voice!) and done a superb job. Well done, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future, Djalenga.
Maurice and Pauline Durbin
Winsor, Southampton

Pulsating show - great performance by all and an outstanding performance by Djalenga Scott.
Stephen Pilbeam

Flashdance was a brilliant show – pulsating with energy and enthusiasm and amazing dance routines. Djalenga Scott, who was originally the understudy, took the lead role as Alex and was simply spellbinding. Her erotic style of dancing simply crackled across the whole production. She looked fantastic and acted her heart out – she deserves to be a star in her own right. Our group also loved Ruthie Stephens who played Gloria – another star in the making. Bernie Nolan, as always, was great as Alex’s mum and well done to all the cast, especially Noel Sullivan and Bruno Langley.
Sandie Brandon & the Selwood Group

Wow! This show was fab! It was a shame that I didn't see Victoria playing the role of Alex but Djalenga Scott played the role very well. Well done also to Bernie, Bruno and Noel for playing your parts so well!!! I would be happy to see it again!! Well done to all the cast!!!

Very good!The cast was excellent and also the lighting and stage setting was good. Would see it again.

The show was fantastic, i loved it and my husband enjoyed it too. Fantastic performance from all the cast but especially Noel Sullivan, what a hottie!!!!.x

It was truly FANTASTIC. The best i have ever seen.
Connor Burgess
Barton-On-Sea, Hampshire

Wonderful. One of the best musicals I have ever watched. The group dance scenes were a highlight and the lead actors and actresses were superb. A highlight was the emotional scenes after the mother died. I want to see it again.
Susan Jenkins

WOW!! What an "Absolutely" fantastic performance, counldnt fault it in any way! Wanted to come back and watch it again...
Amy & Danielle

Overall, possibly one of the worst shows I have seen at the Mayflower. however, I took two groups on two separate days, both with the understudy in the lead role and most of the 100 people in those groups really enjoyed the show. I felt in lacked a certain 'je ne sais quois'. Understudy was a bit too full of herself and thinking how good she looked to be a good actress I fear. But the main problem for me -shallow though this is - was the wearing of those hideous wigs! Every female on stage had one and I am afraid they were so appalling that I couldnt take my eyes off them and then kept losing the plot. If wings are deemed necessary for a professional production like tihs, please will the company pay a little more for quality. They really were laughable. The small girl who could perform loads of dance type tricks probably had the very worst of the lot and as she was tumbling over and over, I kept my eye on the hairpiece in case it developed a mind of its own and leapt about without her! But, to close on a positive, loved Bernie Nolan, 'Todd' from Corrie and the Hearsay chap - and to reiterate that many in my two groups loved it. Just picky old me, my sister and my niece were not enthralled!
Christine Wolfe

Flashdance the musical is enjoyable.. but lacks the inspiration and drive of the film. The characters are turned into stereotypical types in musicals, instead of sticking with the original motivations and personalities of the film. It good to see the main songs were carried over e.g. Maniac, Manhunt and of course What a feeling! :) Kinda felt the ending was a bit 'hmmmm...', agreeing with the other theater-goer, we were all up for one or two more get up and dance tracks at the end!!!! :) Anyways, a worthy effort that's just slightly below average considering the source material!!!!
Wei Jiun

This was not one of the best shows I have seen at the Mayflower which may be due to the last-minute stand-in in the lead role. A difficult situation to deal with. How the show would have been if all the cast were familiar with each other is difficult to judge but I was disappointed with Arlene Phillip's choreography. It apeared to me that overall the cast were better than the general production and choreograpy they had to work with and this show had little likeness to the film production of Flashdance.
Elizabeth Foster

Djalenga Scott played the leading lady role, she is the complete package of a perfect leading lady. Wow can that lady dance! Not only is she beautiful, she took on the show with her whole heart. The 'Flashdance' at the end had us all wondering 'how does she dance like that' - fantastic performance from a fantastic lady who must surely now get the chance of leading lady in her own West End show? She deserves to. Oh and the show was A1 as well! 'The blond 'rock chick'! - rocked it, we all loved her. Noel Sullivan -if you read this, we loved you also! Top man, top performer - liked the bit where you thanked the audience for their applause - very professional. The sort of guy you would love to take to your Mum's to have tea with. Got for it Noel - you have a great future in the theatre.

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