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Peter Pan
Starring Paul Nicholas - Your Comments

Fri 17 Dec 2004 - Sun 23 January 2005

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49 people have left comments on Peter Pan. If you've seen the show at The Mayflower, why not add your own?

The show was amazing best one yet, Nadia was great, Jeffry was so funny, and at the end of the show I dont know who was at the back window but I waved back who ever it was luv Sophie & Kay xxx
Kay & Sophie

I have to say it was the best panto i have ever seen, I don't think I have laughed so much before! The acting and costumes and everything was just brilliant! A must see

The best pantomime at the Mayflower in years. All round entertainment using all of the cast rather than just the one star name.
K Seymour

Excellent overall performance and first panto for our 6yr old son who found it all magical. Well done.
Brian Roberts
Bishops Waltham, Southampton

This was a great show, a brilliant set and a great cast. The dancers were amazing and Geoffrey Hughes and Keith Simmons were a great double act. Hook was brill, definitely recommend this show.

What can we say....the first panto for our 4 yr old who was absolutely taken by the whole performance. Credit to all the cast especially Paul Nicholas and Sarah Jane Honeywell who were outstanding. If you haven't seen this yet, take the family, we did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Best panto we've seen in years!
Mark Lockyer

The show was excellent. A real good one! I took 8 children with me and they all enjoyed it very much. The sponges was very entertaining and made all the audience a part of the show. I will definitely go and see it again!
Laura Annetts
Shirley, Southampton

This was a brillant performance by all the performers. The children loved it and it was full of surprises. It made a great Xmas present for my two cousins, one only being 4 years old, she didn't move throughout the whole show. It was entertaining for both adults and children.
Tina Fullbrook

We have seen Paul Nicholas in three other performances and he was as brilliant as ever. The whole family enjoyed it. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
West End, Southampton

Absolutely amazing. I thought that the show was great! I loved it! Nadia is amazing and I love her to pieces! I admire her a lot! xxxxx

My husband and I have been coming to the Mayflower panto on and off for 20 years, first with our youngest son and now with our three grandchildren. Peter Pan is the best yet, absolutely amazing, we all enjoyed it immensely, thank you!
Jan French
Locksheath, Southampton

The was great the best I have seen ever
Jack Bailey
Alton, Hampshire

Well what can I say, that was the best show that I have ever seen at The Mayflower. Me and my family go every year and they could say the same. I thought that everyone played their parts well, Nadia I thought shone like the sun she is brill and I love her - Go Nadia! Love, your best fan, Samantha

Enjoyed the show - but please don't tell us you are being PC by not throwing out chocs to the audience! Look forward to our Celebrations!

We did a 7 hour round trip purely to see Nadia (who took time out to come and meet us after the show and was really lovely) and ended up thoroughly enjoying the whole show.
Pam, Ann, Lynne and Jane
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

My family thoroughly enjoyed this year's show. Two of my three young children are disabled and so far we've attended three of the last four years pantomimes. Whilst the other shows were great for adults my children found them far too loud and in places, frightening. This panto was just right for them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to everyone concerned.
Tess Kimber
Isle of Wight

The actor of Peter Pan was exellent and so was Nadia. Also the background was amazing I wish I could see it again.
Maria Ward

I have never enjoyed a panto so much in all my life!!! It was fantastic! The stage, the effects, the cast... The only bad thing that I can say about the show is that it ended too soon!!!!!!!!! Fantastic... lets hope next years panto live up to sheer brilliance of Peter Pan!
Emma Smith

Peter Pan is the best show I have seen in ages! My friend Ben Mundy played John, and he was brilliant! Other shining stars were Sarah Jane Honeywell (I was the girl who was waving frantically at her as she 'flew'), Keith Simmons (who got hit on the nose accidentally by Smee!), and obviously, Nadia! (She can't really act...or sing...or dance, but other than that....she's great! (My friend and I shouted 'Ello Darlings every time she came on stage! (One time we did it and she gave us a huge wave!) The best thing? Well, we got to throw a whole load of foam rocks on the stage! A must see!
Charlotte Clitherow

Geoffrey Hughes was brill as Smee he was so funny and a real good actor . You have got to see this panto.
Steven Raven

That was the best panto I have ever seen at The Mayflower, as me and my family always go every year to watch the Christmas panto! This year the highlight was seeing Nadia, she is lovely, I saw her at the final Big Brother but didn't get to see her up close, and now it was going to happen, I thought that's the part was definitely Nadia she was amazing and she gave it her all! Also I thought that Peter Pan was a very good character as she also played it well, but altogether I thought and know that it was smashing to see Peter Pan and I am looking forward to next year's panto!
Samantha Gilroy

The show was brilliant. We enjoyed the simplicity of the story and the splendid acting. The casting was excellent - with a slight doubt over Nadia's role. We thought the children were fantastic especially Ben Mundy as John and Aiden Goodenough as Michael. I would like to see it released on video/DVD so we can watch it again and again... well done.
The Luff's

A brillant show, a must for everyone, my first ever panto and you have got to see it, I definitely reccommend it.
Shamanaka Swaniki

I have fallen in love with this show. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it. All the best!
Ben Mundy (John)

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. All the performers worked so hard to produce an entertaining evening. The young man signing for the hard of hearing was an absolute joy to watch. His performance alone was worth the entry fee. It only goes to show that all of society can enjoy live theatre, no matter what the disability. Can you tell me what the young dancers take to boost their energy because whatever it is I would like a dose! Once again thank you.
David Martin

When I saw the pantomime on the first night I was thrilled at what an amazing show they had. As the show had many stars such as Paul Nicholas and Geoffrey Hughes younger talent didn't go amiss! Especially the boys who played John (Danny Harfield) and Michael (Sean-Paul Hamilton) they were both outstanding. Great young talent to look forward to for the future. I recommend you see this show.
Sam Cumming

I would just like to thank everyone who has come to see the show - after all there wouldn't be a Panto if it wasn't for the fantastic people who have come to see us. Thank you also for all the lovely comments you have left. I would also like to thank all the cast and crew for making my first ever panto such an amazing and magical experience.
Sean-Paul Hamilton (Michael Darling)
Bitterne, Southampton

This was the 2nd panto I've ever seen (at 21 years old) and it was one of the best evenings of my life! I really only went to see Nadia cos I think she's amazing - go Nadia! But I came out thinking how great everyone else was especially Sarah Jane Honeywell as Peter Pan, they couldn't have cast a better person for the role! Geoffrey Hughes & Keith Simmons had great timing and the lady who played Tinkerbell was really good as was the one who played Wendy. All the dancers were amazing (I wish I could do that!) Paul Nicholas was fab as Mr Darling/Captain Hook. I will definitely be coming to next year's panto! Once again Nadia we love you!
Hannah Netley
Bitterne, Southampton

I have attended several pantomimes at the Mayflower in the past and was disappointed today to find that it was not a "traditional Pantomime". There was no dame, and the only person who showed any enthusiasm and energy was the principal boy. The performance started late and at a matinee performance where there are young children present that is unforgivable as they become impatient and restless. As for the Mermaid - Nadia - it was an insult to most people's intelligence. She was incomprehensibile and hopeless - do you just employ people because they are celebrities? I would not normally complain about a performance but I really feel that the performance was not up to the normal standard I would have expected from the Mayflower. I would rather see an unknown actor who can act than a minor celebrity who is taking us all for a ride.
Christine Hammond

From The Mayflower: We apologise for the late start which was highly unusual and due to the unavoidable late arrival of one of the principal cast members.

It was my first ever pantomime! I watched Nadia on the telly in Big Brother and thought she was amazing, I couldn't stop voting for her, bless her heart. I was really excited to see the pantomime. Everyone was excellent especially Nadia! When you see her, all you want to do is go up and give her a hug and a kiss on each cheak! Her costume was absolutely fabulous. Nadia's figure is amazing. I have read the other comments and someone said "do they employ people becasue they are famous?" I think that it was a fab idea that they use famous people. It shows a different side to them. I can't actually get over the fact that Nadia is only down the road from where I live! I wish I could meet her in person. she is amazing xxx

I travelled over 5 hours just to see Nadia in this pantomime and it was 100% worth it she was absolutely fantastic! Her performance was amazing and it wouldn't have been the same without her. She was kind enough to take the time to meet myself and a friend after the show and she was the loveliest and down to earth person I have ever met. She is a true star and I hope she does panto again in the future. I love her to bits and meeting her was a dream come true! Go Nadia! Well done darling - you were utterly brilliant!
West Derby, Liverpool

I really enjoyed this performance, even my 2 year older daughter really loved it. I wasn't too keen on Nadia's performance though, but all the others where great. Sarah Jane Honeywell was absolutely great as Peter Pan. They involved the audience in stuff but not like a usual panto with all the shouting, other stuff as well. Overall a great show!

I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful time I had at the theatre last night with the performance of Peter Pan. My friend and I thought it was fantastic. We especially like all the flying and the amount of different sets involved in the performance. Please congratulate your cast and crew on a show well done. I hope you enjoy the rest of your run.
Kristian Ward

I am in the show as Michael and all of my dreams of being a actor have come true. I would like to thank all of the cast that have supported me through the month and a bit. I will be so sad when it finishes. Thank you every one who has come to watch and support through the time.
Aedan Goodenough

My daughter and I went to see the pantomime on Friday. We thought it was absolutely fantastic. I have never been to such a great performance in all my life. My daughter who is 4 years old was in awe from start to finish. Everything was great about it, the cast, the set, humour, how it was all put togaether. I would like to congratulate everyone for a spectacular show.
Sarah and Amelia Woods

We took my Grandad as a treat for his 90th birthday and it was fantastic, the atmosphere, the cast, everything was fabulous! We were in the boxes and had added surprises of Peter Pan, Nadia and the mermaids acting scenes right in front of us, we all had a brilliant time and it made an old man very, very happy!
Sam Garlick

I thought this performance was brill! I'm 16 and go with my family every year, I loved the sense of humour the performers brought into it and the way they involved the audience! Well done to all the performers.

Sorry to disappoint but I didn't take too well to the panto because I found it to be boring, I am into pantos but this one wasn't as good as I thought, the music was good and as a lighting designer myself, the lighting wasn't snappy and well thought out properly, but any way, the audience enjoyed it so that's the main thing.
I. Banachowicz
Havant, Hampshire

I came to watch the panto with my Mum and my Uncle and it was outstanding. I thought Joanna Forest who played Wendy was an absolute star and she looked amazing so well done Joanna and good luck in the future.
Mark Stevens

My name is Danny Harfield. I played John Darling in the panto. Can I just say thanks to everyone who came to see the show, and who have left such lovely comments. It would be a dream come true if i could be in next years production. Hope to see you there.
Danny Harfield

Myself and a friend travelled up to the Mayflower Theatre aspecially to see Nadia! It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, mainly because Nadia was in it! She was absolutely stunning, and amazing! She's a complete natural! Her performance throughout the show was outstandingly brilliant! We had front row seats, and probably the best view we could of ever had! Nadia took the time to meet us before and after the show and was one of the nicest, and gorgeous person I have ever met! Nadia! You was absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to see you back on that stage again soon, babe! Your a star!
West Sussex

The bit where you threw the sponge stuff at Captain Hook was hilarious, a little boy I know at the end he was enjoying himself so much he went up to the front of the stage and threw leftover sponges at Captain Hook when he was bowing but Captain Hook just laughed! It was great!
Stubbington Fareham

It was funny and fun

i thought the show was fantastic my two fave characters in the show were nadia and sarah -jane them 2 r the best i love them. i though nadia was fab on stage and i want to see the show again . i loved the show 2 pieces and also my brother was the best as he played micheal aedan goodenough and i think he had a lot of guts to do that i am so glad i got the cast autographs.
Ceira Goodenough

I had really enjoyed this production so I had to see the production 4 times. After the last show for this production I had gone round to the back to meet some members of the cast ie Mr Hughes

I would like to thank you for arranging a back stage pass for our daughter last year and meeting some of the cast, although Paul had already gone we found him having a cup of coffee.
Diana Puckey
Pevensey Bay

I loved performing as a lost boy in Peter Pan, and i was so excited to meet Nadia and Sarah Jane Honeywell. I hope all of you enjoyed the show as much as i enjoyed taking part! It's just a big shame that it begun then it was over already! =( x
Zara Abraham

it was the best one yet
peyton court

loved the show - fantastic musical performance from sarah jayne and the girl who played nana the dog and the mermaids assistant was outstanding.

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