Upside Downstairs Dilemma - Murder Mystery Dining Event
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Upside Downstairs Dilemma - Murder Mystery Dining Event

28 November 2017

Welcome to the high class houses of Belgravia.

The year is 1919 and the war is over, but some terrible news has just been revealed... there is a spy in the house! Someone has been feeding information to the Kaiser and will stop at nothing in keeping their identity hidden. Can you find the killer before coffee is served?

Presented over a three course meal, the Criminal Cabaret shows are an evening of comedy and murder as the mystery comes to life around you.

Scenes of evidence are presented between your courses and the suspects mingle amongst you to be questioned whilst you eat as you try and discover which of these larger than life characters committed the deadly deed.

You are guided along on your investigation by the all-seeing, all knowing Inspectre who hosts the night, hands out handy hints and clues and eventually reveals the solution to the mystery and rewards those who are the superest of sleuths.

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Approximately 3 hours 0 minutes with no intervals. Times given are for guidance purposes only and can change.

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This event will take place in our Ovation Restaurant