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  • How to Book

    Here are step by step guides to help you through our booking process.

  • Booking tickets:

    1) Choose a Show
    You can select either `What's on` or `See all shows & events` from the home page to browse through events, there are tools to the right of the page to refine your search by dates/months, keyword or location. Alternatively if the show you are interested in is on the home page you can click the `View show details` button, this will take you to the show page as well.

    2) Get more details/information
    Once you have found an event you would like to book click `buy now` to see more information about the show, such as show description, dates and pricing, cast info, running times. You will also see icons indicating accessible performances here.

    3) Choose a performance
    Once on the show page you will see to the right that you can click the dates and times of each performance (these are colour coded so you can see how busy they are - Green, Yellow & Red) this will take you to the seating plan.

    4) Choose a seat
    The seating plan page is where you can select your seat, using the options along the top to select the area and use the menu to the left to choose the pricing zone. Now you can choose the number of tickets you require, if discounts and concessions apply you will choose them here. You will notice icons appear in a box above the seating plan where you can click and drag them to the seats you want.

    5) Register / Checkout
    So now you have chosen the show, the day and time, your seats and discounts; click `buy tickets` to review your basket before looking for more shows and adding extras, such as: programmes and booking a table in Ovation restaurant, or go through the `checkout` process and put your payment through, you'll need to login or create your account following the steps on screen to complete your booking.

  • Getting information and buying memberships:

    To find information about the Mayflower Membership scheme, click on `Shop` from the home page then 'Memberships'. Here you will find the different levels of membership we offer and the benefits for each, you can also find the 'terms and conditions'. If you would like to buy, please click on the 'Buy Membership' button next to the level you wish to join, then follow the instructions on screen. If you are already a member, but need to renew your Membership, please log in to your account and follow the link 'renew my membership' from your account page and follow the instructions on screen.

    Booking a table at Ovation Restaurant:

    To book a table at Ovation, click 'Dine at Ovation' found at the bottom of the home page or 'Food and Drink' from the top of the home page and click 'Ovation' then 'Book Now' and follow the instructions on screen to choose the day and time. If you are also booking tickets for a show, you can add seats to your basket first then follow the link in the basket and add Ovation. If you wish to book a table for 10 people or more, please call us on
    02380 711833 as this cannot be done online.