Motown The Musical is a feel-good party that is guaranteed to raise a smile!

Telling a story featuring a huge 66 different songs is a mammoth task, but is one that Motown The Musical completes with ease and precision.  Starting back at the roots of Motown, this production introduces us to Berry Gordy, played by Edward Baruwa, the father of this legendary music label.

This story begins at the 25th anniversary of Motown, with iconic performers such as Diana Ross and The Temptations returning to celebrate the years gone by. Going back in time to the start and heading off with just $800 in his pocket, Berry starts up his label and decides on the name, with a prompt from the audience!

A large cast of talented individuals bring this production together and the performers gone by to life. Characters include Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson.

Karis Anderson plays the unmistakeable Diana Ross, a key figure in this journey and her performance is nothing short of spectacular. A key moment of the show sees Diana perform on her own for the first time, with a key part to play from the audience! This is a fun element, providing some crucial interactivity that makes the audience feel truly part of the show. 

One of the stand out parts of this touring production is the clever use of screens and technology to create the world of Motown around the actors. Screens fly in around them to create a unique look. Whilst using minimal set pieces and props, this story comes to life thanks to clever lighting and unique staging.

Fans of the Motown sound will not be disappointed, with large collection of classics to dance along to, this show is full. The soundtrack is full of iconic songs such as I Want You Back, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and My Girl. You are guaranteed to feel fulfilled and will be unable to resist dancing along!

Motown The Musical is a feel-good party that is guaranteed to raise a smile.



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