This is your exclusive chance to train and perform with professional dancers from Birmingham Royal Ballet.

This year, Birmingham Royal Ballet is rolling out its large-scale performance project Swan Lake Dreams to dance students of all abilities aged 8 to adult.

Auditions will take place in June, with students from the Southampton area invited to audition for a role in a performance on the main stage of Mayflower Theatre in early 2020, alongside some of Birmingham Royal Ballet's dancers. 

Project Dates
July 2019 – February 2020 

Performance dates
Sunday 2 February 2020

Audition workshops are FREE.

Audition Workshops

Audition date: Sunday 9 June 2019 
Auditions will take place between 10am and 8pm at Richard Taunton Sixth Form College; audition times will be allocated after the closing date of Wednesday 29 May 2019. Some students may be invited for a call back on Sunday 16 June.

Project Cost: £650 (bursaries are available)

Click here for more information and to register to take part in our audition workshop. If you are selected, you will receive weekly classes and full-day intensives led by former Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers, before performing Swan Lake on Sunday 2 February. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where can I find the Personal Detail Form?

The Personal detail form can be found when booking, or following that on the BRB website:
(please download the form under the Southampton Headline)

Once completed please return to either: or

  1. What do I have to Wear for the audition?

Please come in your usual dancewear – leotard and tights (or ballet socks) for girls, unitard
and shorts or leotard and leggings for boys. Ballet flats.

  1. Do I need Pointe Shoes?

No – pointe shoes are not required in the workshop.

  1. What level of dance is required?

All participants need to have taken an examination through an affiliated examination board or
have competent ballet technique and attend weekly sessions. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact.

  1. What will I be doing in the workshop?

No preparation is needed. There will be a short warm up and technique section, followed by learning
repertoire from Swan Lake.

  1. Can older ladies/gentlemen and boys audition too?

Yes, yes and yes! All genders from the age of 8 – 99 are encouraged to audition.

  1. Where do I have to come to for my audition?

The address of each venue will be on the Eventbrite booking. In Southampton, you should arrive at Richard
Taunton College reception and you will be directed to studio.

  1. What time shall I arrive?

Please arrive at least twenty minutes before the workshop starts, so that there is time to sign in and get ready.

  1. Do we bring a print out of the ticket with us?

Yes, please bring your ticket with you!

  1. Are there any changing facilities?

Yes, changing facilities and toilets will be available in all venues.

  1. Can we watch the class?

Unfortunately parents and teachers are unable to watch the workshop and there is limited space for parents
or guardians to wait. The cafeteria in Richard Taunton’s College will be available for parents to wait in.

  1. Who do I contact if I have an issue on the day?

Please contact Rebecca Brookes, Participation Manager at BRB on or mobile: 07799 891074

  1. Do I need to bring food or drink?

No food will be allowed in the studio, but snacks can be eaten outside. Water bottles can be brought into the studio.
There will be vending machines in the cafeteria which you can buy additional snacks and drinks from.

  1. What would happen in the case of an emergency?

The designated chaperone/project manager would contact parents or guardians, via the number provided on the personal
detail form.

  1. How do I know which group my child should come to?

A letter stating the audition time will be sent out following the closing date for auditions (Wednesday 29 May) and on
receipt of Personal Details form:

  1. Can I have a refund?

Refunds are permitted up to seven days before the audition date, on receipt of a mitigating explanation or doctor’s note.

  1. When will we find out if we have a call back?

Call backs will be announced via email at the beginning of the week following auditions. For Southampton this is week
commencing Monday 10 June. The call back will be on Sunday 16 June.

  1. When will casting be announced?

Casting will be announced on Monday 24 June and all auditionees will be notified whether they are successful or not.

  1. Where can I find out further info?

All information for the project can be found on the BRB website, or contact Dreams coordinator - Sophie Humphries

  1. Can we take photographs?

Photographs and filming are not allowed. We have a professional photographer employed to storybook the Dreams process,
from the beginning to final performance. You will be asked to sign a consent form for photographs to be taken.

  1. Where’s the car parking?

There is a car park at Richard Taunton College premises

  1. What is the cost of the project if successful?

The total cost of the project is £650.00 – payment plans and bursaries are available.

This payment includes:

Southampton – Total Contact Time = 76 hours

Intensives x 8, Weekly classes x 8, Dress rehearsal and Performance day, Full costumed professional performance on BRB
set with BRB technical team support and BRB company dancers dancing the principal roles. Tuition from former professional
BRB company dancers, introduction to stagecraft, technique lessons and project t-shirt.

  1. Information about bursaries?

Bursaries will be available in all areas. These places will be allocated during the audition and casting process based on talent
and need. Following the closing date in each area and on receipt of your Personal Details Form you will receive the audition
time and information regarding bursaries. If you require a bursary this form needs to be completed and returned prior to the
audition date.

  1. Costumes

Costumes for the performance will be provided and most participants will be cast in at least two roles, unless they are cast
in a solo role. Cast members will be expected to provide undergarments such as a flesh coloured skin or jock strap. Ballet
shoes and tights need to be purchased through BRB at a reduced cost – more information will be announced through the project.

  1. Full dates of the programme

Please find below all dates and times for rehearsals and performance. Once the project has been cast more detailed timetables
will be issued in each area. Cast members are not allowed to miss more than two rehearsals, due to the complexity of the project
and the commitment required. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager 
or the Dreams Co-ordinator

Application Deadline - Wednesday 29 May

Audition day – Sunday 9 June

Call back day – Sunday 16 June

Weekly Rehearsals – all to be held at Richard Taunton’s Sixth Form College

  • Wednesday 11 September 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 16 October 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 13 November 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 27 November 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 11 December 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 8 January 2020 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 15 January 2020 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 22 January 2020 4pm-9pm

Intensive all day rehearsals:

  • Monday 29th July 10.00-5.30pm
  • Tuesday 30th July 09.30-16.30pm
  • Thursday 31st October 10.00-5.30pm
  • Friday 1st November 09.30-16.30pm
  • Sunday 17th November 2019 10.00-5.30pm
  • Sunday 8th December 09.30-16.30pm
  • Sunday 26th January  2020 09.30-16.30pm
  • Saturday 1st February 2020 09.30-16.30pm
  • Sunday 2nd February 2020 09.30-16.30pm

 Performance Day – Sunday 2 February


We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.



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