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Mayflower launches new collaboration with Our Version Media

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with resident company Our Version Media. This initiative is set to enhance the current programmes offered by Our Version Media’s Roving Reporters, focusing on providing individuals from global majority communities with the skills necessary to excel in content creation and show reviewing.

Founded by a former broadcast journalist, Our Version Media is a black-led social enterprise located in Southampton. Since becoming a resident company at MAST Mayflower Studios in 2021, it has been dedicated to empowering and amplifying the voices of the region’s global majority communities. The enterprise equips individuals with digital media and mobile journalism skills, providing them with practical opportunities to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

Participants in the scheme will have the unique opportunity to attend press nights alongside established media voices, creating content for high-end touring musicals and plays. This hands-on experience is crucial in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and professional practice.

We are delighted to offer this opportunity to Our Version Media, allowing individuals from the global majority to put their skills into practice. It’s exciting to see them develop further and gain real-world experience.

Michael Ockwell, Chief Executive and Creative Director of Mayflower Theatre and MAST Mayflower Studios

We’ve been collaborating with Mayflower for over three years now, teaming up on various community engagement and audience development projects. This new scheme excites me particularly because it offers a unique opportunity for our trained mobile storytellers and roving reporters to further their development.

Our participants have learnt how to create, film, and edit story-led videos on their mobiles, benefiting immensely from these new digital media skills. With the fantastic upcoming shows at Mayflower Theatre and MAST Mayflower Studios, this is an excellent opportunity for them to put their skills to the test while enjoying some incredible theatre.

Veronica Gordon, Founder and Media Skills Trainer at Our Version Media

This collaborative scheme not only offers practical experience to budding content creators and reviewers but also strengthens the cultural ties within the community, making the performing arts more inclusive and diverse. As both Mayflower Theatre and MAST Mayflower Studios continue to host a range of exciting shows, the participants are sure to have a rewarding experience while honing their media skills.