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Auditorium at Mayflower Theatre
Auditorium at Mayflower Theatre

Working towards a net-zero future by 2030 with new Veolia partnership

Mayflower Theatre shines as a key cultural hub in the UK, attracting more than 500,000 visitors each year. What makes us unique isn’t just our size, but also our forward-thinking dedication to being environmentally sustainable. Our collaboration with Veolia Total Waste Management demonstrates our serious goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Matt Goode, Operations Director for Mayflower, has articulated a clear vision for the theatre’s future. Despite the challenge posed by the Grade II listed status of theĀ building, the theatre is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. ‘This goal is bold, but we are an organisation that thinks big,’ Goode remarks. The collaboration with Veolia is a crucial step on this journey, with a call to action for customers to contribute to these sustainability efforts.

Guided by the principles laid out in the Theatre Green Books and through collaborations with entities like Dance Consortium, Mayflower actively participates in the cultural sector’s push for sustainability. Veolia’s Zero-to-Landfill pledge has inspired the introduction of new recycling stations across the theatre, signalling a move towards more responsible waste management practices.

Michael Ockwell, Mayflower’s Chief Executive and Creative Director, emphasises our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. ‘We are constantly seeking ways to minimise our impact on the environment,’ he states. This includes promoting sustainable travel, supporting local suppliers to reduce transportation emissions, and working with specialists to enhance the venue’s efficiency.

We have made significant investment in sustainability over the past decade, notably in our shift to high-efficiency LED lighting, which offers both environmental and financial benefits.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, we are phasing out plastic bottled water in favour of canned alternatives that feature a resealable lid. We are also contributing to these efforts with our Environment & Sustainability team launching campaigns to promote energy conservation and recycling among employees.

Adam Wylie, Veolia’s Managing Director for commercial operations, expresses enthusiasm for the new partnership. ‘We are eager to bring our expertise to this collaboration, aiming to improve recycling rates and achieve ecological transformation together,’ says Wylie.

Discover more about our impact and to see how your organisation can support our social mission.