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Shout Season
Shout Season

SHOUT Season is here this Spring at MAST Mayflower Studios

‘Amplifying stories. Introducing new theatre. Exploring the unknown.’

We are excited to announce our Shout Season at MAST Mayflower Studios which aims to give a platform to traditionally underrepresented voices in the industry. We seek to challenge stereotypes and engage with the stories of our community. This years’ Shout Season brings you the very best local theatre with a chance to see new work in its early stages. We are looking forward to exploring new ways of connecting with our community – come and join us!

Take a look at the exciting work we will be presenting in our building below.

Nel’s Place

14-15 March 2024

Trapped in a hoard of memories and music, Nel yearns to make space for granddaughter Molly’s 16th birthday celebrations. Can Nel find a way through grief to let her family in?

Nel’s Place is a new musical from Sheep Soup, examining what material things really mean to us, and how easily we can become buried by the past.

Nel’s Place is part of REWRITES, a showcase for new musicals supported by three new partner venues in 2023, including MAST Mayflower Studios. REWRITES previously showcased Operation Mincemeat before its West End success.

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Nel's Place

19 March 2024

In this award-winning one-woman thriller, we see how a loving relationship can sometimes be anything but. Each moment of the play has been inspired by real women and real stories. Ruckus will send a shiver down your spine and make you more conscious of the suppression caused by coercive control.

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The Freshwater Five

21 March 2024

In 2011, five fishermen on the Isle of Wight (Jamie Green, Jon Beere, Daniel Payne, Scott Birtwistle & Zoran Dresic) were sentenced to a total of 104 years for conspiracy to import £53m worth of cocaine. They have always professed their innocence.

Inspired by the wildly popular Guardian Today in Focus 6-part podcast series of the same name, Liam Patrick Harrison’s stageplay, produced by the award-winning production company Deadman (Artistic Director Samuel Bossman), launches a detailed and rich theatrical investigation into the men’s tragic downfall.

Through spectacular storytelling, verbatim accounts, inventive stagecraft, poetry and song, the South Coast cast delves into subjects of classical & contemporary smuggling, deteriorating coastal communities, immigration and folklore interwoven through this ancient profession.

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Freshwater Five
Propel Scratch Night
PROPEL: Scratch Night

23 March 2024

As part of the Shout Season join in with Scratch Night, showcasing work-in-progress extracts of brand-new theatre and performance from a selection of local artists. MAST Mayflower Studios Scratch Nights are an opportunity for artists to test and explore new work in front of an audience. The audience will have the opportunity to offer feedback to artists at the end of each performance which will help shape the future of the productions.

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26 March 2024

ManMade is an all male youth dance platform that brings together young people from a variety of schools across the Solent Region, to push the boundaries of male dance. First launched in 2010, ManMade has brought together over 1,400 students and has helped develop physical skills, performance skills, creative expression and choreography. This year they bring together schools and youth companies to the main stage at MAST Mayflower Studios, where young people will represent themselves and their school with brand new performances.

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A young male is looking at something we cannot see but there are wires and metal surrounding him.
An Attempt to Lose Time

4 April 2024

Before the railways, there was no such thing as ‘the’ time. Villages and towns had their own local times. Time was decided by the sun, and all people had to do was look at it.

200 years later, Miranda can’t stop thinking about time. What time it is, how long she’s got, how long she’s been doing something, how long she should have been doing it, what time she needs to wake up, how long it will take to get there, how long she’ll have to sleep, is that long enough, and how long is left?

Featuring musings on climate change, quantum physics, the destruction of humanity and dinosaurs, this playful, surreal and surprising solo show sees Miranda leave the city, take to the canals, travel to a remote Scottish island and form questionable relationships with moorhens in her quest to escape time.

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NT Connections

12 – 22 April 2024

Connections is the National Theatre’s annual, nationwide youth theatre festival. The programme is 29 years old and has a history of championing the talent of young people from across the UK. Every year, Connections commissions new plays for young people to perform. The programme brings together some of the UK’s most exciting writers with the theatre-makers of tomorrow.

This year MAST Mayflower Studios will be hosting 10 groups of young people including our very own Mayflower Youth Theatre. The selection of new plays being performed at MAST this year include, Replica by Titas Halder, Sad Club by Luke Barnes & Adam Pleeth, The Periodicals by Siân Owen, Shout by Alexis Zegerman and Kiss/Marry/Push Off Cliff by Josh Azouz.

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NT Connections