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This is the place to find show resource packs, teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD) materials, and details of teacher networking opportunities.

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Illuminate Resources

Resources from our 2024 Illuminate Drama Teacher Conference.
Illuminate resources

Risk assessment

Download the PDF form for the venue you are visiting.

Please use these to create your own and add your own specific requirements in line with your young people’s needs.

If you would like to visit us before the show and have a walk around please contact us.

Mayflower Theatre risk assessment

MAST Mayflower Studios risk assessment

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MAST Mayflower Studios seating plan

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Show resource packs

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

8-10 March 2024 | MAST Mayflower Studios

Education Pack

Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands

New Adventures Edward Scissorhands

13-16 March 2024 | Mayflower Theatre

Visual story

Sonic story

Life Of Pi

Life of Pi

14-18 May 2024 | Mayflower Theatre

Education Pack



23 May – 16 June 2024 | Mayflower Theatre

Active Learning

A magical lamp sits below the title with golden specs emerging from the spout. The genie wears a mixture of shiny blue, purple and gold holding three fingers in the air whilst smiling. The background is a rich purple with stars at the top and a silhouetted city in the distance.

Disney's Aladdin

5-29 September 2024 | Mayflower Theatre

Education Pack

A female in a pink and gold shiny dress stands on a platform with lights shining down on her. 2 male ensemble stand behind her looking up to her.

& Juliet

5-9 November 2024 | Mayflower Theatre

Writing About & Juliet

Teaching Pack

Education Pack

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