We are industry leaders with many of our accessible schemes and we are extremely proud to offer Signed, Captioned, Audio Described and Relaxed Performances when possible.

Access for customers who are deaf or have hearing impairments

Amplification  Icon for hearing loop system

Mayflower theatre has an infra-red Sennheiser transmission system to relay sound to customers who require it.

Headsets and Neck Loops are available free of charge from the box office in the foyer. 

These systems are regularly checked to ensure that they are operating correctly.

▼ Signed Performances  Icon for Signed Performances

We aim to offer at least one interpreted performance, using British Sign Language, during every production that lasts two weeks or more. The interpreter usually stands to the right of the stage as the audience looks at it. A number of Stalls seats in the best area for viewing the interpreter are reserved for patrons and their companions wishing to take advantage of signed performances. Any unsold seats are released two weeks before the performance.

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▼ Captioned Performances  Icon for Captioned Performances

Captioning is a service provided by Stagetext during selected performances at Mayflower Theatre.  Captions are shown via electronic displays either side of the stage at the same time as words are spoken or sung. Sound effects or off-stage noises can also be included. This service is intended to help people with any degree of hearing loss. A number of Stalls seats in the best area for viewing the captions are reserved for patrons and their companions wishing to take advantage of captioned performances. Any unsold seats are released two weeks before the performance.

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Access for customers who are blind or have visual impairments

▼ Seats for customers who are blind or visually impaired

Two pairs of seats are held at the front of the Stalls until the day of the performance for a blind person who has a registered assistance dog and a companion, if required. You can also buy these seats if you are partially sighted and need to be near the Stage.

If you have limited mobility, it is possible to enter through a door at the front of the Stalls, by pre-arrangement with the Box Office or Front-of-House. Raked (stepped) seating begins at Row K.

If you need somebody to be present to assist you, you can join our Access Membership Scheme and be entitled to a discounted personal assistant's seat.

▼ Audio Described Performances Icon for Audio Described Performances

We aim to provide an audio described performance for the visually impaired at all productions which run for two weeks or more. This is a live commentary on what is happening on stage relayed to headphone-style receivers through our infra-red system. If you would like to take advantage of this service please ask to reserve a receiver at the time of booking, as we have a limited number available. Seats in the front row are set aside for people with assistance dogs.

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Assistance Dogs  Icon for assistance dogs

We welcome guide dogs and assistance dogs. Please advise the Box Office at the time of booking, so that suitable arrangements can be made to accommodate your dog without causing obstruction in the auditorium.

Where guide dogs or assistance dogs may become distressed or worried during a performance we will be happy to look after it in a staff area away from the auditorium if required.

▼ Site Visits  

Patrons and their companions are welcome to visit the theatre prior to attending a performance in order to familiarise themselves with the venue's layout. These visits can be arranged through one of our Front of House team.

▼ Touch Tours  Icon for Touch Tour

To accompany our audio described performances we run a Touch Tour before the show at Mayflower Theatre.

Our Touch Tour allows visually impaired patrons and those supporting them, the opportunity to familiarise themselves with elements of set, props and costumes before attending the show.

Any Non-Access Members must be supporting an Access Member to attend the tour.

To book your place on the Touch Tour please contact the box office on 02380 711811.

Relaxed Performances  Icon for Relaxed Performances

A Relaxed Performance is specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people on the autism spectrum, with sensory and communication difficulties, or a learning disability. There is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement and some small changes may be made to the light and sound effects.

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Tel: 02380 711813
Email: access@mayflower.org.uk

Membership Scheme

Our FREE Access Membership Scheme helps us offer a better service to anyone with specific access needs. It is only open to those who genuinely require assistance visiting the theatre.

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