Information for performances up until the end of June 2018

We are refurbishing our Grade II listed auditorium in Summer 2018. For information on the project click here.
Information on this page is correct for performances up until the end of June 2018.
For information on performances from September 2018 onward, please click here.

Facilities for customers who have mobility impairments or use a wheelchair

▼ Seat choice

If you wish to choose seats that are easy to get to, please read our Accessible Seating section below. If you have a special seating requirement (an aisle seat, a wider seat or additional legroom), please speak to a Box Office Sales Assistant who will endeavour to provide you with a seat suitable to your needs.

Seats with unobstructed leg room in the Stalls are: All of Row A; Row B 1-6; Row B 20-25; Row C 1, 2, 28 & 29; Row D 1 & 31; Row E 1, 2, 34 & 35; Row F 1 & 37.

Mayflower seat widths vary between 410 and 450 mm. If you need more space, we can arrange for you to sit in an armless chair in the back row of the Stalls or Circle. Please contact the Box Office.

A limited number of 'Booster' seats are available from standing boxes in the auditorium for customers under five feet tall.

▼ Wheelchair users

We offer 14 spaces for wheelchairs in the Stalls and 4 spaces for wheelchairs in the Rear Circle. Of these, eight spaces in the back row of the Stalls and all 4 spaces in the back row of the Rear Circle each have a seat next to them for a companion. Seats next to these spaces are reserved until the day of the performance for companions to the person in the wheelchair. The other six wheelchair spaces are located to the sides of the back of the Stalls, each of these have a standing space for a companion.

If you need somebody to be present to assist you, you can join our Access Membership Scheme and be entitled to a discounted essential companion's seat.

If you use a wheelchair and wish to transfer to a seat, we regret we may not be able to provide a member of staff to help you physically. However, we will arrange for your wheelchair to be taken away and stored. The aisle seats in the back row of the Stalls (Row ZZ) have moveable arms for easier access. Row YY in the Stalls and Row Q in the Circle also have level access.

Scooters and large size wheelchairs may require the allocation of two standard size wheelchair spaces. Please advise us of your needs at the time of booking.

An accessible entrance is located to the side of the theatre. Click to read important access information if visiting Mayflower Theatre before 30 June 2018.

As part of our refurbishment project this year we are carrying out, some essential work which will impact on the surrounding structure of the theatre - including the Accessible Lounge and toilet.

It will be necessary to close the entire Accessible Lounge as of Sunday 4 February until September.

We have built a replacement/additional Accessible toilet on the opposite side of the building - so this will be functional and in use before we close the original facility - so as not to cause our stalls audience any great inconvenience.

In the absence of an Accessible Lounge for these few months preceding our main refurbishment, we will have staff available to assist all our customers in being accommodated elsewhere within the theatre building, and in ensuring that you continue to receive the best service level possible - in light of these temporary limitations.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the theatre in advance of your visit.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

For information on the project click here

If you use a wheelchair and want to collect your pre-paid tickets on the night, you can go straight into the auditorium through the accessible entrance to the right of the building, where an attendant will advise you on where your space/seat is.

▼ Lift

If you are in a wheelchair or have a mobility impairment, a lift is available to take you from street level to our restaurant Ovation, the Empire Suite and the Rear Circle, with level access and motorised doors all the way. Access is through the accessible entrance at the right hand side of the building.

It is also possible to enter through a door at the front of the Stalls, by pre-arrangement with the Box Office or Front-of-House. Raked (stepped) seating begins at Row L.

Unfortunately, other areas are inaccessible to people using wheelchairs because our 1928 Grade 2 Listed theatre was built with steps to all parts of the building.

▼ Accessible Toilets

There are accessible toilets at the Rear Stalls in the accessible lounge, at the Rear Circle by the lift entrance and in Ovation Restaurant by the lift entrance.

▼ Accessible Parking

Due to the location and age of our building we are unable to provide parking to our visitors. For information on parking, access and drop-offs, please visit our Getting Here page.

Accessible seating

On the following diagrams the seats we recommend as easily accessible are highlighted in yellow with handrails marked as red lines. If you need to use our lifts then we recommend the Accessible Lift, which is big enough to take several wheelchairs at a time. This is marked at the top right of the diagram and is accessible via flat surfaces and automatic doors in the Stalls, Rear Circle, Empire Suite and Ovation restaurant.

▼ Stalls

Access diagram of the Stalls

Access diagram of the Stalls

From the Foyer to the Stalls there are 6 steps each side, (with 12 more steps down to Footlights Bar, although the service lift can be used). The Accessible Entrance (top left of the diagram) offers flat access to seats and wheelchair spaces at the back of the stalls.

Handrails down the left and right hand sides (marked as red lines) give easy access to the seats on the ends of the aisles (seats 1-4 / 38-41).

The seats closer to the stage have more steps to negotiate, walking from the rear stalls; Rows ZZ to K have one step per row, to a maximum of 18 steps; there are no steps in Rows J to A.

Front Stalls

The front stalls can be accessed by the side entrance, but this is not a normal public entrance and so you will need to make our Front of House staff aware in advance that you need it opened. There are two steps in from the outside and then no more steps up to Row K, so there is good access to all seats at the front. The seats immediately around this entrance are most accessible if you cannot walk very far -marked as the large yellow area at the bottom left of the diagram.

It is also possible to allow foldable wheelchair access via this door, if you can negotiate the two steps and are willing to transfer to a seat. It is not suitable for non-folding wheelchairs, as the wheelchair needs to be stored in one of the standing boxes on the side, which is up a number of steps and may have limited space.

Rear Stalls

Seats in Row ZZ have no steps, YY has 1 more step, XX has 2 more steps etc. Seats 12-14, 15-17, 23-25 and 26-28 in Rows XX -V are the most accessible in the middle of the rear stalls, as there are only a few steps and are close to the aisle.

If you wish to sit in the middle stalls area, we recommend the outside aisles as they have handrails, whereas the centre aisles involve increasingly more steps as you go closer to the stage with no handrail support.

▼ Balcony

Access diagram of the Balcony

Access diagram of the Balcony

The Balcony can only be accessed via a small lift (which has no level access) or stairs, so it is not possible to accommodate wheelchairs on this level.

The Balcony is very steep and we do not recommend it to anyone who is unsteady on their feet, has dizziness problems whilst walking, or sufferers from vertigo. Also bear in mind that the lift cannot be used during an evacuation, so you may have to face the 86 steps down to the Foyer in an emergency.

There are two steps per row, with handrails down the outside aisles. There are also mini hand rails for every row in the centre aisles.

The easiest access seats are in the back two rows as they involve the least steps. Around seats L and K 13 and 28 there are pillars, which could make it tricky for elderly patrons to move around steadily.

▼ Ovation, Mayflower Restaurant

Both the Service Lift and the Accessible Lift go to Ovation restaurant. There are no steps from the Accessible lift, but two steps from the service lift.

▼ Circle

Access diagram of the Circle

Access diagram of the Circle

The Circle is best accessed via the Accessible Lift or the Service Lift, as there are up to 45 steps (depending on which side you walk) from the Foyer to the Dress Circle via the bar.

If you use the Service Lift, there are six steps from the Service lift into the Rear Circle or Empire Suite. There are no steps from the Accessible Lift to the Rear Circle or Empire Suite.

Rear Circle

There are 16 steps from Row Q to J in the rear circle, 2 per row, and two more from Row J to the mid circle. The seats easiest accessed are next to the side aisles, as there are handrails alongside(marked as red lines).

Also on the centre aisles, at the front and back of the rear circle, there is a border which can be used as a 'handrail' to steady yourself.

The seats next the Wheelchair spaces in Row Q and P are easier to reach and have more space to manoeuvre within.

There are no handrails in the centre aisles for both the Rear and Dress (seats 13/15 and 26/29) so it may be difficult to walk unaided further down.

Dress Circle

From the Mid Circle, there are then 3 steps to Row H, then 2 more steps per row to Row A, with a maximum of 17 steps.

To reach the boxes, 10 more steps are accessed via the fire doors at the front of the circle. There are then 17 steps down to reach the external fire exit, but this is only open for leaving the theatre, not entering it.

There are handrails at the side aisles but not in the centre aisles for both the Rear and Dress (seats 13/15 and 26/29) so it may be difficult to walk unaided further down.

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