What is your current safety and security policy?

Your safety and security is of paramount importance to us.

We have been liaising with appropriate authorities to ensure your visit is as safe as possible, with enhanced security measures currently in place. If you're coming to see a show, please be aware that it may take longer than usual to get into the building.

On arrival to the building, our front of house teams may ask to search your bags. Anyone who declines the search will not be admitted to the building.

We strongly request that you do not bring any large bags to the theatre. Any bags larger than 40cm x 30cm x 15cm will be subject to being searched and will not be permitted into the auditorium.

Stringent ticket checks are being implemented, so please ensure you have your ticket with you at all times especially when leaving and re-entering the building.

Please be assured that our CCTV coverage is monitored at all times whilst the building is occupied. Our staff are trained to remain vigilant and will continue to deliver the best possible customer service by speaking to visitors, and challenging those displaying unusual behaviour.

As an audience member you can help by remaining alert. If you see anything that causes you concern, or have suspicions about someone's behaviour, please alert a member of staff in the first instance. We will then have the option to call the Police on 999 or the Anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Please remain vigilant and do report anything suspicious to our staff.

What time do you open the doors?

The front doors are open one hour before the start of a performance, this allows you to come in to the foyer and the bars. The auditorium is then open approximately 30 minutes later, allowing you to take your seats. Access to the auditorium can vary due to rehearsals and warm-ups on stage.

Can I use a credit/debit card for purchasing sweets, programmes etc.?

Yes. We can take card payments at any of our tills, including the foyer, bars, ice-cream points, merchandise areas and Box Office.

Is there a cash point nearby?

The nearest cash points are outside the Co-op or at the railway station which are just a few minutes’ walk along the road that runs behind Mayflower Theatre. We also offer a cashback service at some of our tills. 

Can I bring my baby with me?

There is a "no under 2s" policy. Customers bringing in babies will be asked to leave. The only exceptions are shows advertised as being suitable for all the family where under 2s are welcome.

Can I sit my child on my lap and not purchase a ticket for them?

Due to our license every person within the building, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Children can only sit on your lap for family or children's shows and must be under the age of 2.

Do you have booster seats for children?

Yes, we do have a limited number available, allocated on a first come first served basis. Booster Seats cannot be pre-reserved. You are welcome to bring your own booster seat along with you.

Can I pre-order ice creams for the interval?

Yes, if you are part of a group booking (10+ people) upon request you can be sent a pre-order form for ice creams. To ensure that we have got the items that you have ordered in stock you must return the form at least seven days in advance of the show. You can order on arrival in the foyer but we cannot guarantee what products will be in stock or that the prices will not have changed. We do not take pre-orders for groups less than ten.

Will I be allowed in if I am late?

Yes, in the majority of cases. Some shows, in particular opera and ballet, do not allow latecomers to enter the auditorium once the show has started. Sometimes we may have to hold people in the foyer for a short period of time, before seating them at a particular moment that will ensure the minimum of disturbance to both cast and audience. For most shows, however, we are able to seat latecomers at a suitable moment.

Can I film the production or take photographs?

No. The appearance of artistes and the designs for sets and costumes are all copyrighted, therefore it is against the law to photograph any of it.

Can I dance during the show?

Consideration for the rest of the audience must always be shown. If you stand up and dance you immediately block the view of the person sat behind you which is unfair, especially if that person is unable to stand due to any kind of disability. Therefore if you wish to dance you will be asked to do so in one of the standing boxes to the sides of the auditorium. Dancing in the aisles is not allowed due to licensing regulations that demand that the aisles are kept clear at all times.

Can I sing during the show?

As an audience member you should be considerate of other members of the audience around you. Singing along to the show can disturb those sat near to you and can spoil their enjoyment of a show. There mat may be short periods of time when it is appropriate for some productions (for example, during a finale, or at certain points where the performers on stage encourage interaction) for you to sing.

Can I smoke inside the theatre?

No. The smoking of cigarettes or e-cigarettes is not permitted inside the theatre.

Is strobe lighting used at the theatre?

It is during some shows. Information regarding any use of strobe lighting will appear on the large TV screens in the main foyer. If we know in advance, we will put a warning on the show's page on this website.

What is a Post Show Q&A?

Q&A sessions are a great way to discuss the performance you have just seen. Members of the company will return to the stage after the performance, usually around 10-15 minutes after curtain down, to answer show related questions. The Q&As run for approximately 20 mins, so please allow 30-45 mins from the end of the performance for any travel arrangements. We cannot confirm that all the cast will appear, it is voluntary and many have other commitments. Please be aware that this will not be a time to meet the cast on a personal level.

Any Q&A sessions for a show will be advertised in advance on the show's page on this website.

Can the cast of the show wish me or a member of my family Happy Birthday / Anniversary during the show?

Almost all shows at Mayflower Theatre are touring productions and as such we do not have say in the content or script. We receive a lot of requests like this and are unfortunately unable to help. The only time this may be possible is during the run of the pantomime, but this is up to the discretion of the Producer of the show.

Can I audition for a show?

As a touring venue, Mayflower Theatre does not usually hold open auditions for shows; productions are cast for tours and generally advertise in The Stage. On the rare occasion we are asked to hold open auditions (usually for child parts) we publicise them in the local press and on our website. Please see our Get Involved pages for details of our summer production for 10-18 year olds.

Can I meet the cast?

You are welcome to go to stage door after the show and see the performers as they are leaving. It is up to the individual performer as to whether they wish to stop and chat to fans, pose for photos, or sign autographs. Please do not pester them or be upset if they do not wish to stop; remember that they have finished their working hours and are on their way home, and may be very tired after a performance.

How many seats are in the auditorium?

In the Stalls there are 1020 seats, 14 wheelchair spaces and 24 standing spaces.
In the Circle there are 652 seats, 4 wheelchair spaces and 60 standing spaces.
There are 4 Boxes that hold 4 seats each.
In the Balcony there are 458 seats, 0 wheelchair spaces and 25 standing spaces.

Our seating plan will change slightly from 23 October 2019 onwards:

In the Stalls there will be 1027 seats, 12 wheelchair spaces and 20 high seats.
In the Circle there will be 617 seats, 8 wheelchair spaces and 30 high seats.

There will be 4 Boxes that hold 4 seats each.
In the Balcony there will be 494 seats, 0 wheelchair spaces.

Do you Record Performances?

On occasion show promoters will film performances and audiences for promotional and marketing purposes. When this happens signs will be displayed in the foyer prior to the performance.


We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.



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