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We love projects here and there’s nothing better than seeing a group of people work together on creating, devising, making and learning new skills and developing ones they already have. We’ve worked closely with many different arts and non-arts organisations since the department opened back in 2013 and every year we look forward to developing our relationship with new and existing partners whilst delivering short and long term projects for the community.

Mayflower Young Company

Mayflower Young Company is an exciting opportunity for adults aged 19-25 years and aims to nurture and empower aspiring actors and theatre makers, developing their voice and creative theatre practice. 


MAST Theatre Collective

Share the writer’s journey with like-minded people in a supportive, creative environment, guided by a professional writer.
Offered in association with ArtfulScribe, MAST Theatre Collective (18-25yrs) is ideal for young adults to get involved with a regular creative writing group that will help develop skills, confidence and experience of a writer's life.

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Writing for Page & Stage

Writing for Page and Stage is an online, relaxed, interactive writing group for anyone aged 18+ who is interested in creative writing - no past experience necessary!

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Open Voices

Open Voices is an exciting programme of regular music sessions at Mayflower Theatre open to anyone over age 55 with a desire to sing. No musical background necessary. Singing is a great activity to take part in with many proven health benefits. Session will include a mixture of tradition rounds, rhymes, songs from the shows, music hall favourites and popular music.

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If you would like more information then please contact us.

Community First Nights

Community First Nights is a scheme for groups who do not ordinarily attend the theatre to get them involved with us. If you know of a group who fit this criteria applications can be made by contacting us.

Serendipity Group

Serendipity is an Autism Hampshire group hosted by Mayflower Theatre. The group offers an opportunity for people with Autism to get together for a chat and to take part in fun activities such as sing songs, talks and quizzes. The group meets once per month on the following dates:

If you would like more information then please contact us.

Further information about Autism Hampshire's Serendipity groups can be found here.

Previous Projects

My Story

Generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, during 2016/17 we ran our My Story project to document and share our theatre’s history and the personal stories of the local community. This involved creating our online archive and working with a team of young people to interview and capture the personal stories that bring our theatre’s rich history to life. The stories were then collated by our young people and our My Story film was created.

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Opera Engage
Opera Engage is a project that aims to involve youth in the community in the complete creative process of opera. Writing, composing, music, singing and performance is used as a source of and vehicle for creating co-creation and community collaboration. With storytelling and music at the core of Opera Engage, young people find an outlet for expression through opera. This will be facilitated by a professional creative team and singers / players.

Pantomime Bauble Hunts
Drama and art workshops took place in schools across Hampshire to create family art installation trails around Sir Harold Hillier Gardens themed around Mayflower Theatre pantomimes.

Autism Awareness Project 2016
In association with ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, we created a piece of dance theatre that would help raise awareness and understanding of Autism. The group of 13-18 year olds, some on the autism spectrum then performed this piece in public venues.

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Fidel The Musical
A group of 13-18 year olds came together to workshop a new musical based on the life of Fidel Castro as part of a wider community project.



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