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Rambert Death Trap
Rambert Death Trap

Rambert's upcoming brilliant evening of dance

Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert's Death Trap

We are thrilled to be welcoming back Rambert to our stage on 6 – 7 March 2024 with their brilliant evening of dance, Death Trap, devised by Ben Duke.

Bringing together Goat (2017) and Cerberus (2022), Death Trap continues Rambert’s focus on storytelling and characters, and features awe inspiring performances by Rambert’s diverse company of dancers, with live music by an on-stage band.

Death Trap is infused with Ben Duke’s irresistible, stylish and accessible sense of dance theatre, is darkly funny, and packed with originality.

In Cerberus, we enter a world where dance is literally a matter of life or death. An ingenious adaptation of the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, it is a bittersweet musing on myth and mortality, complete with funeral couture.

Goat is inspired by the spirit of Nina Simone, with iconic songs including Feelings, Feeling Good and Ain’t Got No / I Got, Life.

Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert Death Trap
Rambert’s Death Trap

6 – 7 March 2024

Is Aishwarya dead? Or did she just exit stage left?

A meta dance comedy, full of the turbulence of life and death. Darkly funny and packed with originality.

Rambert and Ben Duke are masters of dance theatre where the dance is exceptional and the theatre delivers irresistible stories.

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‘We’re thrilled to be taking Rambert back on the road from October. And this new evening in collaboration with Ben Duke is a great opportunity to connect with new and returning audiences across the country and beyond.’

– Helen Shute, CEO and Executive Producer of Rambert

‘We’re very happy to welcome Ben Duke back in our studios to revisit Goat and Cerberus together. Our dancers come from varied backgrounds, bringing with them a breadth of skills shaped by different experiences, and Ben’s unique sense of theatre allows them to explore characterisation through storytelling in their individual and collective performance.’

– Benoit Swan Pouffer, Artistic Director of Rambert

‘I first worked with Rambert in 2017 and while I, and the company, have changed a lot since then, I feel like this history gives me a sense of partnership. The work I make is always inspired by and made with the performers and it is a privilege to find myself in a room with these exceptional artists. Their diversity of background means that they bring such a richness of experience into the space, and it is their talent and generosity that really make this work.’

– Ben Duke